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KidsEatFor iPhone App – Save Money and Time!

KidsEatFor1Not much to say about this other then get it! if you travel with your kids or eat out around your home this $2.99 app will save you time and money. Did you know that you can take your kids to eat for FREE in some places on certain days? With KidsEatFor App you will have all of this information at your fingertips. So if you are trying to be frugal, or want to try something new without spending a fortune, I would say grab this app and it will probably become a favorite. While you are at it add any deals you find so the next parent traveling in from out of town will know where to dine.

How It Works


KidsEatFor will either check nearby deals by the location you are at (above) or you can search by location or restaurant (below). This is very convenient if you want to plan ahead for a trip.  KidsEatFor3

KidsEatFor8Click on your choice!


The check mark tells you the day that there is a deal. Note the address and phone number. : )


Scroll to the next page and find the actual deal! I did not find this right away and thought I would have to call. But no, it is all there! : )KidsEatFor6

The menu is available on some Restaurants.  This is awesome for picky eaters.KidsEatFor7

A map! What more can we ask for? Just more deals I think!

KidsEatFor iPhone application saves me money, time and simplifies my life and I believe it will simplify yours.
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