Simplify With About One

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Family Information Management SystemAboutOne

Ready to simplify your life! AboutOne has the answer to simplifying your paper, your photos and your important documents. is an online family information management system; ONE place, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, where in just seconds busy moms can store, secure, and manage what matter most with bank-level security: precious memories (text, photos and videos) and household information (health, possessions, and education records, contacts and more). You can access the system from a computer, your cell-phone, or any web-enabled device. (more…)

iZUP, Eyes Up and Stay Focused on the Road

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Do you talk on your cell phone while driving?

Okay so I know I do it, do you?

400 Times More likely To Be In An Accident

Did you know, that we are four hundred times more likely to get into an accident if we are driving while using our cell phones! Twenty eight percent of all crashes involve a cell phone. Even making your cell phone hands free does not keep you as safe as putting your phone on hold.

iZup keep your eyes up while on the roadIZUP holds all your calls and text while you are driving so you have NO distractions. And for just .99 cents (limited time only). Get iZUP at

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About One

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Organizing Your Family Online

Do you go somewhere only to find out you need information that you have at home laying on your kitchen counter? Are you ready to be more organized but do not think you have the time? About One is the solution.

  • Pictures of your family to use for newsletters
  • Milestones captured easily
  • School phone numbers assessable all the time
  • Health documentation and forms
  • College applications information
  • Caregiver instructions
  • Tax returns

All these things could be done with one simple solution, About One.

About One

AboutOne is an online family management system with a touch of magic.  It is one place that is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. In just seconds you can store, secure, and manage what matters most: precious memories and household information. Then with another touch of magic you will have forms ready to download, newsletters ready to send and information you may not of even known you were going to need at your fingertips.

About One is an ultimate Simplifying product for Moms!

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