Look What My iPhone Captured

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I had my iPhone so I could capture this.

How to transfer CDs to your iPod

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

This is another great post by Emily! I know my sister was asked by her son to send him a iPod with new music in it while he was serving in Afghanistan. I wish I could have directed her to this post then to simplify the process of adding music to his collection.

How to get your music onto your iPod, iPhone, or iPad so you can listen on the go

by Emily Price

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How to transfer CDs to your iPod

You’ve finally gotten an iPod, iPhone, or iPad and want to start using it to listen to music. If all your music is currently on CDs, you can easily import it onto your computer to start playing on your i-flavored gadget. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to talk about an iPod, but the directions are the same for
transferring your music to your iPhone or iPad as well.

Get ready

Before you can really do anything with your iPod, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer. iTunes is a music program made by Apple specifically to work with its devices. You can download iTunes for free from Apple’s website.

Get connected

Connect your computer to the internet before you start importing your CDs. Connecting your computer to the web will allow iTunes to identify all of your CDs, adding song title and artist information to their listings on your computer. If you’re not online when you import your music, you may have to manually enter all of that information, which can be a little annoying for just one CD and borders on ridiculously overwhelming if your collection includes hundreds of CDs. Do yourself a favor and let the computer and iTunes do the tedious heavy lifting!

ep 300px itunesImport away

Begin by launching iTunes and inserting the CD you would like to import into your computer’s CD drive. iTunes will ask you if you would like to import the CD; choose Yes in order to begin the process. Depending on the length of the CD and the speed of your drive, this should only take a few minutes to complete.

If you don’t want to import the entire CD, select No, uncheck the songs you don’t want to import, and press the Import CD button at the bottom of the iTunes window when you’ve finished making your selections. Repeat the process for all of the CDs you would like to add to your iTunes library and, ultimately, your iPod.

Transfer all the hits

Connect your iPod to your computer using the cable that came with it. If this is the first time you’ve connected your iPod to your computer, a window will launch asking you to name and register it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete that process.  Once that’s complete, click on the icon for your iPod on the far right iTunes menu bar to select your iPod. Press the Sync button to simply transfer all of of the music you currently have stored in iTunes to your iPod.

Customize your selections

You can customize what music is added to your iPod by creating playlists within iTunes. A playlist is simply a list of songs in the order in which you would like them to be played. You can create a playlist by clicking the + icon on the bottom left of the screen. For instance, you might create a playlist called “Driving Music.” Once you create the list, it will show up in the far left menu within iTunes, and you can drag and drop songs from the main menu into the list. Next time you sync your iPod, the playlist will show up on your iPod as well.

Only want to sync your Driving Music to your iPod? After selecting your iPod from the left menu, click on the Music tab, and then select your Driving Music playlist on the screen before syncing your iPod. Depending on the size of your iPod and the amount of music you have, you may need to customize you selections, simply because all your music won’t fit on your iPod.

Looking in a mirror

Your iPod creates a mirror image of whatever you have in iTunes each time it is synced. Keep that in mind when you make changes to playlists or choose
to delete music off your computer. If you delete a song or playlist from your computer, then it will also be deleted from your iPod next time you sync it.

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Tech for Parents: Making learning fun for 1st graders

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Mobile apps, websites, and gadgets that help your 1st grader enjoy learning math, spelling, and more

by Dan O’Halloran on February 6, 2011

Filed under: Computers

Tech for Parents: Making learning fun for 1st graders

Believe it or not, first graders love to
learn. They’re at an age when homework still involves coloring, yet they
are learning to express themselves through not just pictures, but
words — sometimes comically misspelled words, but words nonetheless. You
want to see them improve, but homework is already a grind of

Here are some resources that make learning fun. To
be sure, I tested each one with my daughter, who is a first grader.
She’s not a fan of homework, believe me, but she loved the resources
below that made learning fun.

Best mobile app for first graders (more…)

2011 Consumer Electronic Show

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Last year Lori Cunningham wrote  Top 6 Tech Product Trends of CES 2010.

  1. 3D TV
  2. Internet Enabled TV
  3. eReaders
  4. Tablet PC’s
  5. Devices to help you keep track of kids/things .
  6. Car Technology

What is at the top this year of the Consumer electronic show? Will it be a brand new concept, a revitalized gadget or some thing that is finally catching on? I love gadgets and the way they can simplify my life so I am waiting patiently to see what is next!

I am not there but have been watching and have seen a car that will let you know when your child is speeding! As a Mom with two teenage boy drivers, I like that!

New tablets – of all kinds! Tablets for college students, high school students even a crayola marker to turn your tablet into a coloring book!  What tablet will work best for Mom?

Apps – of course Apps! But, I saw an App that you attach a blood pressure monitor to and take a blood pressure reading. Could this be accurate? And if so, what a great new concept for traveling nurses!

Internet everything – TV, computer and phone packaged together so that you can have it all synced!

Like I said I am not there but the Lori is and I hope to have some great updates from her in a day or two.

Here are some links to see what is happening until we post again.



iZUP Technology To Keep Your Eyes on The Road

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I would like to welcome Darcy Ahl one of our new contributing writers. Darcy is the Co Founder of iZUP. Keep your eyes up and not on your phone while driving! Created because of the need she saw and keeps seeing on the road. It is a simple idea- turn off your phone when you drive! Although simple ideas tend to be complex to create. But, I iZUP has done so, creating a product that can save countless lives. We will have a quick and easy class on how to add iZUP to your cell phone in the near future.

I saw an accident then wondered if a cell phone was involved…

by Darcy Ahl

Yesterday I spent the day at the 6th Annual NJ Safety Forum at Rutgers University. I listened to and met many in law enforcement and the safety community. One detective in particular, with whom I was seated during the late morning and through lunch, shared the details of his daily job, which were sobering indeed. He is tasked with going to the scenes of all fatal accidents in Morris County. He spoke of the difficulty of delivering the news to parents and loved ones, and of taking the time to complete an investigation before being able to do so. He also said every time he hears sirens and sees the lights, he thinks it’s his wife and daughter involved in an accident. He was at the Forum to accept an award for improved reporting. Accuracy and timeliness had improved greatly. Families are due those answers, he said, and that is what drives him.

No sooner had I left the Forum and headed home on the New Jersey Turnpike than I hit traffic which shortly revealed the scene of a horrific accident. In the southbound lanes, two tractor trailers, one box truck, a dump truck, three cars and a pickup were in various states of spun out, crumpled and burned. Amidst the assembled emergency services (HazMat units, ambulances and firetrucks, etc.) I spied the charred remains of a vehicle. Nothing but the metal was left. I drove on, stunned by the scene and surveying the 10 mile backup in the southbound lanes. From Newark Airport to the Meadowlands, the traffic was completely stopped and people were standing outside of their vehicles. I switched on CBS radio and heard what I had guessed: there had been a fatality – the pickup truck driver.

I thought of the detective I’d just met. I thought of my family, my friends and other drivers on the road. I wondered what had caused the accident and if it were preventable. Inevitably, I wondered if a cell phone was involved, and I felt resolve coursing through me. Four years after co-founding the company that would become Illume, we have come a long way. We have a product that might have actually prevented the accident I had just seen. The pickup truck driver might still be with us, and with his family.

We have never stopped. Our team is strong and growing. Our wonderful advisors have stuck with us through thick and thin. Why? We all believe we must do what it takes to get our solution in the hands of as many drivers as possible, as quickly as possible. We believe we CAN make a difference. So as I returned home to see my daughter smiling at me, and checked in with my sons and husband, I felt grateful for their safety. And then I took a moment to think how lucky the Illume team is to feel this common sense of mission and work so hard to bring it to fruition. We will stay the course.